Interesting and fruitful TERRITORIES’ workshops in Oslo

Last week took place in Oslo, two workshops organised by the European project TERRITORIES. Both workshops have been very well received and have had more than 30 participants from 11 different countries. In addition to the TERRITORIES members, different stakeholders have participated in the workshops, including regulators, industry representatives and scientists from different disciplines (as for example social sciences and communication, radiological impact assessments, radiation protection).

As has been informed through this blog, the workshops of TERRITORIES have dealt with:

  • Workshop 1: Key factors contributing to uncertainties in radiological risk assessment.
  • Workshop 2: Communication of uncertainties of radiological risk assessments to stakeholders.

The Centre for Environmental Radioactivity of Norway (CERAD) has sponsored both workshops.

Two deliverables are being prepared with the main information on each workshop. Keep informed about the date of publication of these deliverables in the TERRITORIES Blog.

2017-11-21_TERRITORIES Workshops 2017_Oslo


CERAD Radioecology Courses January 2018

CERAD (Centre for Environmental Radioactivity) of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), offers intensive courses in Radioecology (5 ECTS) and Experimental Radioecology (10 ECTS). The courses run in parallel over 3 weeks from January 10th to January 26th, 2018.

The courses take place at NMBU (Campus Aas), 30 min by train south of Oslo.

During the courses, students will obtain knowledge about:

  • Radioactive sources and understand the transport of radioactive substances in various ecosystems with special focus on physico-chemical forms (speciation) and their influence on mobility and biological uptake
  • The basis for environmental impact and risk assessments and be able to conduct radioecological studies using tracer techniques, radiochemical separation techniques and advanced measurement methods
  • Environmental impact and risk assessments and the use of effective countermeasures, i.e. competence that is needed within national preparedness associated with radioactive contamination
  • How to prepare and deliver effective oral and written presentations of technical information and scientific results.

The main course being already in January, there is a rather short deadline to register.

To apply for admission to the courses please contact Ole Christian Lind to obtain a registration form.



Final programmes of the TERRITORIES Workshops in Oslo

The final programmes of the TERRITORIES workshops that will be held in Oslo next 14-16 of November are now available.

Workshop 1: Key factors contributing to uncertainties in radiological risk assessment (14-15 November 2017). TERRITORIES Workshop 1_Final Programme_2017-10-24

Workshop 2: Communication of uncertainties of radiological risk assessments to stakeholders (16 November 2017). TERRITORIES Workshop 2_Final Programme_2017-10-24



Modelling and measurement training course, 5-16 March 2018, Roskilde Denmark

The training course on “Assessment of long-term radiological risks from environmental releases: modelling and measurements”, 5-16 March 2018, Roskilde, Denmark, is organised by the Center for Nuclear Technologies at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in cooperation with PDC-ARGOS.  The training course is co-funded by the EJP-CONCERT project.

The course is aimed at providing the participants with an understanding of how to assess by measurements and modelling the long-term radiological risks from releases to the environment of radionuclides.  Nuclear power plant accidents will particularly be in focus, but RDD’s will be considered.

The course will provide insight into:

  • Assessment of long-term radiological risks from releases to the environment.
  • Theoretical principles of dosimetry.
  • Implications of different contamination scenario types.
  • Migration of radioactive contaminants in different types of environment.
  • Modelling internal dose and specific factors influencing ingestion dose.
  • Modelling external dose in contaminated inhabited areas.
  • Decision support systems for accident management.
  • Important concepts in sampling and gamma spectrometry.
  • Radiochemical analysis for radionuclides that are difficult to measure.
  • Rapid radiochemistry techniques for multiple samples.

Registration: Deadline on 15th of January 2018.  Limited to 12 participants

The targeted audience is PhD students and young scientists / advisors.  The course is expected to give students 2.5 ECTS points.

There is no registration fee.  Participants are expected to cover their own travel and subsistence costs (e.g., meals, hotel, visa if needed)

Course_Modelling and Measurement training_March2018

Fourth ICRP Symposium and Second European Radiological Protection Research Week

Last week, the 4th ICRP Symposium on the Radiation Protection System and the 2nd European Week of Radiological Protection Research were held near Paris.

Within the 4th International Symposium of the ICRP joint sessions were organised between the ICRP committees and the European Radiation Protection Platforms. The program,  the abstracts and the presentations of the Symposium are available at


EU NORM Conference. 2-5 October 2017, NPL, London, UK

4 day conference covering ​issues ​in ​the ​field ​of ​Naturally ​Occurring ​Radioactive ​Material ​(NORM) ​with ​a ​focus ​on ​the ​transposition ​of ​the ​new ​European ​Basic ​Safety ​Standards ​(EU ​BSS) with a helpful mix of researchers, regulators and industry.  Discussions on NORM in the environment identified that tackling uncertainties was a key concern – something that TERRITORIES is looking to address.  Formation of a new organisation European NORM Association was also announced.


Participate in the interesting Workshops organised by TERRITORIES next November

From 14 to 16 of November 2017, TERRITORIES organises in Oslo (Norway) two interesting workshops on Key factors contributing to uncertainties in radiological risk assessment and Communication of uncertainties of radiological risk assessments to stakeholders.

The two workshops are strongly connected, so people are encouraged to participate in both of them.

TERRITORIES Workshops_Oslo_Draft Programmes

Registration form_TERRITORIES Workshops 2017_Oslo-Norway